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Chemist, Mfamosing

  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience
  • Location Lagos
  • Job Field Pharmaceutical&nbsp


To ensure the testing of all physical and mechanical parameters of the raw materials, intermediate/finished product & contemporary brands according to the Nigerian Industrial Standards.


  • To abide by the 8 Mandatory Holcim Health, Safety and Environmental Rules to guarantee environmental safety and safety at the workplace as a condition of employment.
  • To be totally compliant with all safety rules, procedures & policies and work safely at all times by using all relevant PPEs for each job.
  • To carry out all physical/mechanical tests of cement according to NIS specifications
  • To carry out all chemical tests of cement according to NIS specifications
  • To supervise the sampling and undertake the analysis of all raw materials (quarried and received)
  • To supervise the sampling and undertake the analysis of all delivered fuels to the quarry, plant & the Calabar Grinding Station
  • To undertake simple routine maintenance for all equipments in the Physical, Chemical & Sample Preparation Labs and to maintain such maintenance records
  • To update & preserve all test records in hard copy and in electronic forms
  • To call for and support maintenance teams during corrective/preventive maintenance of all laboratory equipments
  • To maintain and update inventories for all equipments, spares, chemicals, materials, instruments and any other items as may belong to the Quality Assurance & Control Dept
  • To report stock levels regularly to the Quality Coordinator, raise purchase orders on approvals and follow up the entire process with the procurement department to ensure prompt deliveries
  • To be available and prepared at all times to work in the process control function by executing duties in the concrete lab carryout Holcim cone analysis or as may be required by the Quality Coordinator and or the Quality Manager
  • To supervise and coordinate the activities of sample preparation room and concrete lab
  • To undertake analyses of all other samples (special or non-routine samples) as may be demanded from time-to –time by the Quality Coordinator & the Quality Manager
  • To carry out any other duty/assignment or work in any function as may be required due to demands by the Quality Coordinator and/or the Quality Manager


  • To undertake analyses and certify results of Raw Materials, intermediate and finished product (cement)


Level of education/qualifications normally required:

  • A University or Polytechnic graduate from any one of the following disciplines: 
    • Natural/Physical/Applied Sciences
    • Engineering
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate or Certified Letter of Exemption (mandatory)

Specific Work experience:

  • Has worked as an Assistant Shift Chemist within the Organisation
  • Had previously worked as a Chemist in any cement manufacturing company
  • Had previously worked in any Manufacturing Laboratory as Quality Assurance.

Technical / Functional Skills:

  • Ability to perform chemical analyses with both classical and modern methods.
  • High proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point
  • Good presentation skills

Behavioral competence:

  • Ability to perform effectively even under pressure and to meet deadlines with a high level of accuracy
  • A strong analytical capability to make interpretations based on a large sets of data and to draw up valid conclusions based on proven scientific premise
  • Excellent oral & written communication skills at all levels

Leadership and managerial abilities:

  • Ability to quickly accept responsibility in a new and challenging situation and to work with minimal supervision
  • Good interpersonal skills and able to work effectively in a team with excellent followership & leadership potentials

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Method of Application


Within the framework of the plant’s objectives assigned by the Mechanical Manager, his job assignment is to optimize the maintenance and repair activities on all plants and equipment within his area of coverage in order to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Prepare Maintenance Program, Organize and Supervise Maintenance Work carried out on all plants and equipment, including their auxiliaries.
  • Prepare Daily and Monthly maintenance reports on plants and equipment in his section.
  • Implements Mechanical Procedures
  • Implement WAPCO quality, safety, health and environmental policy in area of responsibility.
  • Carry out Scheduling, Planning of works (including resources) and execute jobs.
  • Manage his team by:
    • Defining Tasks and Objectives and annually carry out their Performance Reviews;
    • Ensuring Quality Work ;
    • Ensuring good working relationship with and between his work force;
    • Motivating his team and ensure good level of disciplines
  • Implement Training Plan for Improving Personnel Skills.
  • Contribute to Preparation and Work within the Departmental Budget.
  • Facilitate communications and relationship by:
    • Attending Departmental Meetings;
    • Attending Plant/Departmental Safety Meetings:
    • Conveying Management Policies/Departmental Decisions to the subordinates and  give feedbacks;
    • Communicating results to the Mechanical Manager.
  • Updates himself of general Cement Plant and Engineering Practices
  • Comply with EMS Mechanical Instrumentation job functions.
  • Ensure involvement in the implementation and maintenance of integrated management system in the plan


  • Methods department for preparation, planning and generation of work orders


  • The work environment of the job is the Cement Plant and the Quarry
  • Job with a medium safety risk


  • Guarantee Plant Reliability by ensuring the quality of Mechanical Maintenance on all plants and equipment in area of responsibility
  • Supervise all maintenance and inspection works carried out on plants in his section with a view to sustainably reducing maintenance cost.
  • Respect and work within the annual maintenance budget.
  • Carry out prompt and adequate action when mechanical incidents occur.
  • Ensure the safety of the equipment and people working for him.
  • Promote the Quality of Work by Motivating and Training his Personnel on the job.
  • Prepare the Maintenance Reports as directed by the Mechanical Manager.
  • Make recommendations with respect to needs of tools and defining specifications of spares to be purchased and confirming same on arrival at the warehouse.
  • Control the efficiency and effectiveness of his subordinates


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent education with at least 1-year experience 
    preferably in a cement industry.
  • Strong problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills;
  • In-depth knowledge of practical mechanical operations and application;
  • Good knowledge of cement manufacturing processes and products;
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance;
  • Experience in the implementation of quality and environmental management systems like 
    ISO 9001:2000, EMS – ISO 14001
  • Knowledge of engineering codes and standards;
  • Good knowledge of safety rules applied to maintenance of Dust Control Equipment and Utilities;
  • Hands-on experience;
  • Micro data processing (Word, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD,).

Behavioural Competencies

  • Good interpersonal relationship;
  • Good level of self confidence and control;
  • Good sense of judgement;
  • Eager to learn and apply;
  • Good level of order and cleanliness

Managerial Competencies

  • Team leadership;
  • Sense of organization and delegation;
  • Good initiative and sense of anticipation;
  • Analytical mind and logical approach to problem solving;
  • Performance oriented;
  • Good level of communication and innovation;
  • Decision-making capacity /Self confidence;
  • Ability to influence, develop and/or motivate people to the achievement of jobs objectives;



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