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Logistics and Operations Manager at Vitalvida – Apply Now

Logistics and Operations Manager

Role Overview:

As the Logistics and Operations Manager at Vitalvida, you will be at the forefront of refining our inventory and logistics operations, guaranteeing seamless and efficient procedures from start to finish.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Inventory and Logistics Oversight: Lead the Telesales team, ensuring cohesive operations in sales, inventory management, and logistics.
  2. Stock Analysis and Predictive Insights: Examine stock patterns, anticipate inventory requirements using historical data and market trends, and offer actionable insights for strategic decision-making.
  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Promote a data-centric approach in inventory management, ensuring all decisions stem from rigorous analytics.
  4. Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Forge strong alliances with departments such as Marketing and Finance to ensure operational strategies are in sync with company goals.
  5. Delivery Agents Management: Source, recruit, and oversee delivery agents, ensuring top performance and alignment with company standards.
  6. Compliance and Quality Assurance: Adhere to and enforce the pinnacle of industry regulations and quality standards throughout inventory management and logistics. Ensure company-wide compliance with established procedures and workplace safety norms.
  7. Zero Stock Out: Ensure inventory is adequately stocked in all locations, preventing any stock-outs and maintaining product availability at all times.
  8. Supervision Duties:
    • Oversee the Stock Controllers to maintain accurate inventory records and enforce efficient inventory management protocols.
    • Mentor Regional Delivery Managers, ensuring smooth interplay between the warehouse and delivery teams.
    • Guide and support Delivery Agents to enhance synchronization and efficacy between the warehouse and delivery points.
  9. Risk Management: Proactively identify potential disruptions in the logistics chain and devise plans to counteract them.
  10. Process Improvement Initiatives: Spot and leverage opportunities for procedural enhancements and introduce best practices to increase efficiency.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Logistics, Supply Chain, or a related domain.
  • Proven experience with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems is a must.
  • A minimum of 4 in a managerial role overseeing logistics and operations.
  • Proven capability in inventory analysis and logistics streamlining.
  • Stellar leadership and team management aptitude.
  • Robust analytical, troubleshooting, and decision-making skills.
  • Familiarity with relevant software and tools pertinent to inventory and logistics.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive Salary Package: We understand the value of our team members and ensure our compensation reflects that.
  • Continuous Learning & Growth: At Vitalvida, we believe in fostering an environment where our team members are given the opportunity to expand their horizons and elevate their careers.
  • Remote Role: Enjoy the flexibility and comfort of working from your preferred location. Our operations are entirely remote, granting you the autonomy to design your workspace and balance work with personal life.
  • Inclusive & Team-Driven Atmosphere: We are proud of our diverse and inclusive culture, where every team member’s voice is heard, and collaboration is always at the forefront.

Method of Application

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